Helitecnica aluminum heliports

Air Synapsis is Helitecnica's Exclusive distributor in the UAE

Exclusively focused on elevated aluminum heliports and offshore helidecks, HELITECNICA provides the complete helideck package including all related services and equipment.

HELITECNICA is formed by certified experts whom oversee the design, manufacture and installation of helicopter landing pads. HELITECNICA works closely with the largest companies in the offshore market to furnish their platforms and vessels with aluminum helidecks.

HELITECNICA is also familiar with onshore installation, having provided several helipads for different hospitals and buildings worldwide.

  • Structural engineering requirements, design and analysis steel or aluminum constructions.
  • Aluminum helideck systems.
  • Fall protection/safety netting.
  • Heliport Lighting (perimeter lights, floodlights, wind indicator, control panel, obstruction lights, FATO lights, TDPM lights, etc).
  • Heliport markings and signage.
  • Fire protection (foam monitors, branch pipes, fire extinguishers, rescue tools, PPE etc).
  • Drainage systems, fuel/water separators, aluminum gutters etc.
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    Helitecnica helipad


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