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UAE GCAA heliport regulations Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements?

All individuals or organizations operating a heliport/helideck are required to:

  • Register their heliport/helideck.
  • Complete the necessary “Certificate” or “Landing Area Acceptance” process for their registered heliport/helideck.


When are these applicable?

  • From 1st of January 2015 new helicopter landing facility construction and new operations shall immediately conform to the published CAAP 70, and CAAP 71.
  • Existing heliports/helidecks are required to be compliant with regulation by 1st of January 2018 at the latest.


Who is concerned?

Owners or Operators of the following facilities within the UAE:

  • Elevated or Surface-Level Heliports
  • Offshore Helidecks
  • Private or public use landing areas for or helicopters

Operators may include, but are but not limited to individuals, commercial organizations, government or ministry departments, and oil and gas companies.


Who we are!

We are the to go to consulting firm when it comes to aiding you certify your helipad. Whether it already exists, under construction, or in the design phase. We are here for you!

Air Synapsis has been in Dubai for almost a decade, working on numerous high profile projects overtime. This includes helipad design, supplies, and working with the GCAA to facilitate and ease the certification process for operators.

We can fully handle the certification for you, as we have successfully certified multiple projects since the introduction of the new regulations.


We have a facility but are never using it, are we subject to the regulation?

The letter “H” identification marking is strictly reserved to certified/approved landing facilities. If your facility is bearing such marking you must either:

  • Obtain a GCAA certificate/approval.
  • Close the facility.
  • Instead of closing your facility you may also consider converting it into an emergency evacuation facility.


What is an emergency helicopter evacuation facility?

An emergency evacuation facility is a clear area on the roof of a tall building, which can be used for emergency helicopter operations. Local building authorities might require such facilities to be operational.

Emergency evacuation facilities have specific marking requirements and shall not show the “H” Heliport Identification Marking. Such facilities are not subject to certification/approval requirements however these should be declared to the GCAA.


We are planning to design or build a new heliport, what needs to be done?

New heliports needs to be designed in full compliance with the GCAA requirements. The GCAA is issuing design approval certificates to confirm compliance prior to construction.

Upon completion, a heliport must obtain a GCAA certificate/approval before becoming operational.

If your helipad is already under construction, it is still possible for us to aid you in making the necessary modifications to comply with the regulations and obtain necessary approvals.
If your project is in the design phase, we can provide you with a complete solution from design to certification.


How long does the certification process take?

The issuance of a GCAA certificate/approval is subject to full compliance with the regulation. If some findings are made during the GCAA inspection, these would need to be fully rectified prior to the issuance of the certificate/approval.
For that reason we recommend you not to wait until the last minute to comply with the regulations.


How much does it cost?

Costs can vary depending on your specific facilities, type of operations as well as additional requirements of local authorities. Contact us to define a cost estimate for your particular helicopter landing area.


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