Gulfstream G550 for saleXP


Air Synapsis provides exclusive representation worldwide whether our customers are buying, selling, trading or just need appraisal and costs comparison.

With more than 20 years of experience as pilot, auditor and aircraft sales representatives we understand the complexity of the Business Aviation world better than anybody.

We offer turnkey solutions with no commitment to sell or minimum selling price: you can change your decision anytime. We take care of technical, commercial, administrative and legal sides of the transaction.

Transactions we have facilitated:

Piaggio P180 #1209 - sold in 2010 Piaggio P180 #1210 - sold in 2010 H900XP #HA-0048 - sold in 2013 Piaggio P180 EVO #3007 - sold in 2016 Cessna Citation Bravo #1102 - sold in 2016 Gulfstream G200 #239 - sold in 2016 Bombardier CL-604 #5624 - sold in 2018 Bombardier CL-604 #5481 - sold in 2018 Gulfstream GIV SP #1486 - sold in 2018 Gulfstream G550 #5268 - sold in 2019 Hawker 850XP #258719 - sold in 2020

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